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TBI Click and Learn™ is an online interactive severe TBI guidelines compliance reporting tool. Your treatment data will be measured against BTF's Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines. Click and Learn can then generate a detailed compliance report. BTF also provides an advanced online compliance tracking tool, TBI-trac™. Learn more.
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 • Patient Identifier (Optional)
 • Treatment Date (Optional)
 • Days after TBI
 • Patient age
 • Patient Weight Units
 • Patient weight
 • CT scan normal?
 • GCS Motor
 • GCS Eyes
 • GCS Total (calculated using GCS Verbal=1)
 • Both pupils fixed and dilated?
Blood Pressure
 • Systolic blood pressure ≥[SBPMaint] mmHg?
 • Mean arterial blood pressure
 • PaO2 ≥60 mmHg or O2 saturation ≥90%
 • ICP monitor inserted?
 • ICP monitor ventricular or parenchymal?
 • One time, periprocedural antibiotic administration for ICP monitor infection prophylaxis?
 • ICP value
 • Mannitol administered?
 • How many grams in last dose?
 • Mannitol dosage (calculated as gm/kg)
 • Propofol or barbiturates administered?
 • CPP value (calculated as MABP-ICP)
 • Intubated?
 • IV Antibiotic administration within 6 hours of endotracheal intubation to reduce nosocomial pneumonia?
 • PaCO2 value
 • Was patient seizure-free during the first 7 days?
 • Antiseizure prophylaxis discontinued after day 7?
 • Steroid administration for brain injury?
 • Calories/day administered:
 • Calories per kg per day (calculated as kcal/kg)
 • Brain Oxygen Monitoring?
 • Jugular venous saturation ≥50%?
 • Brain tissue oxygen tension ≥15mmHg?
 • Use of (1) Graduated compression stockings or (2) intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) stockings or (3) Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) or (4) low dose unfractionated heparin?
 • Prophylactic Hypothermia ≤35C?
Compliance Report

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